Tuscany Honeymoon

Tuscany Honeymoon

Maybe you are tired of conventional honeymoons in unknown places where you do not know what is lying in wait for you... why not plan together? And what if the people who organised it were precisely those who know you best? Vienne offers innovative solutions where you will not only enjoy the utmost luxury and comfort, but will be pampered right from the moment you arrive. We are ready to guide you through the magic of your trip, and you can count on us at every moment. A lot of surprises will be waiting for you.... and it will be hard to go back home.

Secret Voyage

Vienne Secret Voyage


If you think that the best moments are over after the ceremony and the wedding feast, you are wrong. Imagine leaving for a mysterious destination, without knowing anything about where you are going to stay... with everything organised by the people who know you best. Here is your honeymoon to spend in Italy or in a fantastic European capital. Flash, personal shopper, stylist, makeup, bodyguard will be at your disposal so you can live each moment as a VIP. And you will not be able to do without it any more: just try!

Vip Voyage

Vienne Vip Voyage

"True love is two people walking together towards the light of a shared ideal" (J. d’Hormoy)

Whether we are a speaking of a honeymoon or just an ordinary holiday, this solution will offer you everything you can imagine in terms of luxury and comfort. You will have a driver to take you wherever you want, a bodyguard for your security: we will take photos of the important moments of your holiday and decide together with you all the events of the week and much else... we reserve the best tours for you: from Chianti wine cellars to the loveliest cities of Tuscany, Italy and, why not, of the whole world... On request, we will put our staff at your complete disposal, so they can fulfil all your wishes. We want to pamper you, make you feel unique. We are not tour operators, we are not a travel agency, we are experts in the field who devote ourselves entirely to organising your stay because there is no harm in dreaming, and we turn your dreams into reality.

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